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Award-winning Leicestershire wedding photographer for couples who want unposed, natural wedding photography. Covering all of the East Midlands, UK and beyond.

You’re looking for a wedding photographer who will capture all the moments as they happen, without getting in the way. You want to remember how your wedding day felt, not just how it looked.

I’m Rhys, a wedding photographer and adventurer based in Leicestershire. Before discovering how awesome weddings are, I spent my time working in the mountains of North Wales. I’m never happier than when I’m on my bike or kayaking down a river – with a camera in hand of course. This adventurous spirit, has seen me swap my canoe for a camera, and chasing waterfalls for hunting down a cool moment to document at your wedding.


When else do you get 100 people watching you cut a cake, or thousands of pieces of colourful paper chucked over your head? Only at weddings! Which is why I love them. These may be strange rituals, but a wedding brings your most important people together, all at the same time, and that’s what makes weddings so awesome.

You’re looking for wedding photos that are not a memory of a photoshoot, but that represent you and your friends and family. You want photos of grandma being grandma, all those moments you miss whilst you’re hugging everyone else, or your mum having a rare glass of wine and kicking off her shoes on the dance floor.

I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, which is why I have developed my approach to wedding photography to be about you spending the most amount of time with your guests, having a great day, and me capturing those moments, not being whisked away by your photographer and made to stand in awkward poses. So, if you’re like me, then we’ll get on just great.


For me, wedding photography is about more than just a pretty dress and a colour scheme. It’s about you as a couple – what you love, who you love, and how your wedding day felt. My wedding photography is unposed and a documentary approach – I won’t tell you to “stop what you’re doing and look at the camera” or “do that again but facing this way!”.

Whatever happens, I will document, it the way it unfolds.  I want you to look back and remember how you felt in that moment. From the nerves before the ceremony and the glance to your mum for reassurance, to the hair-down-shoes-off freedom of letting go on the dancefloor. Of course, I think family photos are very important too – so your gran will get her photos for the mantlepiece, don’t worry about that! I’ll make it quick and painless so you can get on with the fun stuff.


I like to keep things real. No cheese here. I will never direct you or your guests, I simply document what’s in front of me. Your wedding day isn’t a photoshoot – it’s a day for hugs, tears (happy ones!) and laughter. There’s nothing more fascinating than real life – and weddings bring all the characters out in abundance. Even during the short portrait session, we’ll keep it relaxed – it’s about capturing who you are and the emotion of the day – with enough guidance and banter to make sure it’s not awkward. When it comes to family photos, I keep it short and sweet.

For me it’s all about those in between moments. I’m an observer – I watch the moments unfold and capture them creatively. You’ll see from my photos that I love good light, big smiles and people who aren’t afraid to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Epic Wedding Photographs, Without Awkwardness

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Leicestershire (or any other part of the UK) who doesn’t tell you what to do, or make you stand and pose for hours, and instead captures all the weird and wonderful memories of your wedding day, then I may be the wedding photographer for you

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Leicestershire Wedding Photographer For Couples Who Love Photography, And Want Natural Moments Captured Without Posing.

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