Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

For Couples Who Love Photography, And Want Natural Moments Captured Without Posing

Award winning Leicestershire wedding photographer for couples that want unposed, natural photography.

Your wedding captured in the most relaxed and unobtrusive way. I will act as one your guests, completely unnoticed and capture all of the real moments of your wedding. I promise not to impose or intrude on your day at all.

Love Photography?

Why is wedding photography so important? In a blink of an eye a moment has passed. Photography captures these moments. Helping you to remember and re-live them as their memory fades away over time.

Professional Leicestershire wedding photography, covering all of the UK and beyond, not only captures these moments in a creative way, it tells the very special story of your day. A story that encapsulates your friends, family, loved ones and is something to treasure forever.

Real Wedding Moments Captured

If your photographer was to stage photos at your wedding they might look incredible. But do these staged ‘moments’ really capture the essence and personality of your wedding and the people involved – unlikely.

Only a real moment, that happened without any interaction from your wedding photographer will create these treasured moments.

No Stopping, No Posing, Natural Photos

Do you want to spend as much time as possible with your friends and family at your wedding? I’m going to guess – YES! Weddings are not about being dragged from pillar to post, missing out on the fun times your guests are having, or those delicious canapes, of course.

Not only do I promise to never stop you or to never pose you; I allow you to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones as this is where the best photos will happen.

Beautiful Wedding Photographs, Without Posing

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Leicestershire (or any other part of the UK) who doesn’t pose – then I am the perfect for you. Please click one of the links below to check out some real weddings.

“Booking Rhys as our wedding photographer was probably the best decision we made, his photos are just incredible and captured all the emotion of the day. We hardly knew he was there, he didn’t intrude on our day and was just incredible.” 

Hannah & Ben

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For Couples Who Love Photography, And Want Natural Moments Captured Without Posing.