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Its about more than just a wedding

A wedding is a very special occasion. The coming together of two people and two families, A wedding deserves to be remembered. For me, wedding photography is about more than just photographing what happens on one day. It's about more than fancy clothes and a colour scheme. It’s about documenting who you are, your relationship and how it felt to be there. Your wedding photographs should be as unique and as awesome as you are. They should show you how you felt, how you loved and how you were loved. They should tell your story

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Have you ever been to a wedding as a guest and the photographer has taken the couple away for ages? Spent all day posing them, doing loads of group photos? Leaving little time for them to enjoy the occasion? I have, and from that moment on I decided to approach weddings in a different way to many.

I don’t want anything to interfere with your wedding day: it should happen naturally.

We’re going to keep things real. If your dress needs pinning, I’ll photograph your bridesmaid fixing it. If a drink gets spilled down someone’s front, I’ll snap it – while someone else gets a napkin. If your trousers split, there’s no way I’m stepping in to help – I’ll be too busy taking photos for you to laugh at later.

If you want unnatural, posed photos of yourself looking out a window while your bridesmaids pretend to fluff your dress before the wedding – well, there are plenty of photographers to choose from, but I’m not one of them. If however you spot one of your mates through said window, and pull a silly face at them – well, I’ll be all over that. You want wedding photos that represent you – not what your photographer wanted.

I like to think of myself as an “unposed wedding photographer”. This means that I’m pretty much hands-off all day. So if you find having your photo taken super awkward, and you want authentic photos of your day, then this is for you!



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